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Prof. Ulrike Van Daele
Prof. Ulrike Van Daele
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, University of Antwerp
Prof. Ulrike Van Daele is member of the Research Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and scientific staff member at Oscare (an after-care, research and education center for burns and scars in Antwerp, Belgium). In 2011 she started her research within the field of burn rehabilitation after wound closure in collaboration with Oscare. Her research is focused on mechanotherapy in physical scar management during scar rehabilitation. The collaboration with Oscare has led to several research projects, joint publications in peer reviewed journals and numerous presentations at international conferences. Annually the University of Antwerp and Oscare jointly organize a permanent education Scar Academy Flanders. Recently she started a new project on the effect of exercise rehabilitation on energy expenditure and muscle function in severely burned patients in collaboration with the Sun Yat Sen University (China).

Invited speech: Scar rehabilitation therapy 
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